Roberta Strout BSc (Hons)

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The History of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient treatment that originates from China, and has been used there for many thousands of years. The system of acupuncture is based on Meridians, and different Channels flowing through the body. The Chinese believe that the circulation of this energy or life force (‘Qi’) influences health and well-being. And a blockage of Qi can be the cause of disease or pain.  

The Meridians are invisible channels that form the basis of   Acupuncture.

In Chinese Medicine these Meridians aid the flow of energy around various parts of the body, and each of the 12 Meridians is related to a different set of pathways and energies. The different Meridians and Channels act as a subtle energy system by which the energy (Qi) is circulated throughout the body. There are twelve main meridians in the body, six yin and six yang.


Acupuncture is now commonly used all over the world, gaining recognition from Medical Experts and Professionals. It has been well accepted into Todays world of Modern Medicine. Well over one billion people in China use Acupuncture as a first line of treatment having great success with prevention of disease before it becomes a chronic condition.